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Winter is a bit of a nightmare for our skin, the cold winds, constant change in weather plays havoc with our skin. I find it’s always a good idea to switch up skincare a little during the winter months to something more soothing and hydrating to add some moisture back into the skin.

I have found that my skin has become quite dry in the last couple of months, which is unusual for me, as I usually tend to suffer with oily skin, So I have had to switch it up skincare  wise, which isn’t a bad thing, as its always fun to play around and a good excuse to try out some new products, which I will share with you today.

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DHC Cleansing OilInner Senses Glow Face OilLush Tea Tree WaterSond Strength Training SerumSond Sidekick Day Cream

Inner Senses Glow Face Oil

I received this a couple of weeks ago to test and review. I am always dubious of using oils, as I don’t like the slippy feeling some leave on my skin, but this oil is brilliant. It absorbs super quick into the skin, leaving a luminous glow. It can be used in place of moisturiser or as a makeup primer. I have used it for both of this purposes and it works great. I do prefer to use this in the evening before bed as a night treatment and it leaves my skin really fresh, plump and smooth in the morning.

Sond Strength Training Serum

This is a new favourite of mine, I was kindly sent some skincare from Sond to try out and I haven’t stopped using it. I have used it daily since I have received them. This serum is beautiful, its a cream serum, which i really like, you use this after cleansing and toning. It smells amazing due to the pomegranate and it sinks instantly into the skin, my skin texture has improved alot since using these products together and I have noticed it does look alot plumper in appearance.

Sond Sidekick Day Cream

I use this daily after applying the Sond Strength Training Serum this is a beautifully thick day cream, you don’t need much, its so nourishing and hydrating on the skin, you can feel it working, I love it! and like I said I have been using these daily and have really noticed a huge difference in my skin. This would be perfect for dry/sensitive skin, as it is so hydrating. It is the perfect day cream for the colder months.

DHC Cleansing Oil

So this has made an appearance on my blog a few times now, simply because this is my go to cleansing product, I received this smaller version as part of a PR package, and I loved it so much I have purchased the larger 200ml. Nothing else can touch this for removing makeup after a long day, its so quick and easy to use, just rub all over your face for 20-30 seconds and then wash off, literally NO TRACE of makeup will be left and it leaves skin feeling super soft and ready for toning and moisturiser.

Lush Tea Tree Water

This is a fantastic product, I use this daily after washing my face in the morning and cleansing in the evening. Its a lovely refreshing toner, which can be sprayed onto the skin and wiped off, or straight onto a cotton pad (i use it this way). I have this to thank for clearing up my random break outs, due to the tea tree it is great for spot prone and oily skin. It doesn’t have a strong tea tree scent, so it will be great for sensitive skin also. I’ve just run out of this and desperately need more. It really is an amazing product, and recommend this to anyone looking for a new toner.

Hope you enjoyed my winter ❄️ skincare rundown. Look after your skin this winter. nourish and hydrate it.

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