Current Skincare Holy Grail’s

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I want to chat a little about skincare and to round up my recent skincare holy grail’s, as my routine has changed a lot recently and I have some new products that I can’t live without.

If I’m honest, up until about 6 months ago I would just use face wash and moisturiser as my skincare routine, I didn’t know much about serums, facial mists, oils etc, and through blogging I have discovered so many products I never would have thought of using before, but now I can’t live without.

I’ve started using alot of organic, natural products recently and I have noticed a vast improved with my skin texture, skin tone and pores, I’m so happy with my skin at the moment and I believe it is down to the products I am using!

I’ll talk you through my routine. My morning and evening routines don’t differ too much, sometimes I may use an overnight mask, but this would be once or twice a week.

Facial wash

I use Monty’s Glow Desert Fresh Cleanser. I love how squeaky clean this leaves my face feeling, you can feel that it has worked it’s magic. It’s completely organic, natural and handmade in Sweden. I feel like I’m having a little spa treatment every time I use this. You don’t need to use much and it comes in a huge bottle. I love it and really recommend you check out Monty’s Glow.

Facial cleanser

If I’m being completely honest I don’t use a Cleanser every single day, it depends on my day, how late I get up etc, if I do, I use the Freyaluna Refreshing Facial cleanser, this smells beautiful, so fresh and citrusy, i warm a couple of pumps in my hands, massage into my face and neck, then remove with a cotton pad.

Facial toner

I’ve tried a lot of toners in the past but I think I have found my one true love in the form of Pixi Glow Tonic. I actually love this, and it really does deserve its cult status. It gently removes any debris left from cleaning and just leaves the skin feeling soft and super clean. Love it! And love the packaging of this too ❤️

Facial Serum

Loving the Monty’s Glow harmony Face Serum at the moment, it just smells divine and you can tell that it is completely natural, I love that you can see seeds and what the Serum has been made with through the bottle, might just be me, but I think it’s pretty cool you can see what you are putting on your skin. The Serum sinks right into the skin and leaves a beautiful base for your moisturiser.


I love a moisturiser and I am guilty of hoarding them and not sticking to a certain brand or type, I used to swap daily, which I don’t think sat well with my skin, so I have been trying to stick to 1 moisturiser and not swap and change. I used the Peachy Fox Anti-Redness facial cream, I use this in the morning and evening, it’s such a refreshing cream, due to the cucumber extract and just feels lovely on the skin ☺️

Facial Mist

I have been using the Balm Balm Rod Floral water for around 2 weeks now, I’m actually close to finishing the bottle. I love this mist, it’s so refreshing. I use this after moisturiser t further freshen up my face. It can be applied throughout the day for a quick refresh. I never thought I’d use a mist like this but I am obsessed and own a few of these now. I always carry it in my handbag.

As always, Thank you for ready, I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a lovely week ahead ❤️


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