Plans and Resolutions for 2018

Happy second day of work in 2018!

I know everyone and the cats mother does this, but this is a first for me, I have never made any “New Years Resolutions” before. I don’t want to call them “New Years Resolutions” really as they are more plans for 2018, it’s going to be a busy year I can tell and I hope that it can be just as good, if not better than 2017.

Pass my OSCE Exam

So I have my OSCE dental nursing exam in a Few weeks, which I am crapping my self about, I am so nervous, I don’t know why as I am being judged on my practical skills, which I do everyday, but I always get nervous with anything formal or presentation-esque. Just got to be positive and think of the end goal, I’ll be a qualified dental nurse in March (if I pass!).

Start wedding planning

We got engaged February 2017, so it’s been nearly a year now without any planning or anything, not that I know what to do when it comes to planning a wedding but 2018 is the year for this. I really would love an Autumn as it’s my favourite season and all the colours are just lush. Think leaves in hair etc etc. We were also discussing going more extreme and getting married in Vegas, would love Elvis πŸ•ΊπŸ» to marry us, would be a day to remember, the only think that worries me about getting married abroad is having my family there, I don’t want people to pay out money for the wedding or be worried about flying. Lots to think about.

Eat healthier

Yes yes, I know this is on everyone’s list. But I really need to start. I eat so many snacks it ms criminal, I hardly ever have a full meal, let alone vegetables. I try and blame it on my working hours (2pm – 8pm) but that’s a piss poor excuse really. I could cook when I get in, I’m just lazy. I need to get my shit together and shift some pudge. SOMEONE HELP ME WITH A DIET PLAN!!!!

Cut down my makeup collection

I have far too much makeup, it’s coming out of my ears now, I have been trying to rehome most of my drugstore makeup and just focus on highend brands for now, would love to have some free drawer space!

Improve my photography skills

This is an ongoing thing, and takes some practice, but I really want I improve my photography skills this year, I want to switch off the auto mode and learn how to use my camera to its best abilities. I have an Olympus PEN EPL7 now, which I find much easier to use than my old DSLR and with the 45mm lens the photo quality is just the same. I’ve also had photoshop on my laptop for months without even opening it, so I would love to learn how to edit photos using this, considering I’m paying monthly for it, I should be using it!

Save some money

Well, I’ve never been one for saving, I have a bad habit of spending my money in my head before I even have any in my bank. I really want to be more careful and not be so frivolous this year, would be lovely to have some left over wages at the moment of each month.

Travel more

so this one doesn’t really tie in with my previous goal, but hey. I’d love to travel more. Whether that’s within the U.K. or abroad. We visited to Prague last year, which I loved and we’ve been thinking about possibly going to Budapest this year. I Love European cities, mainly as I hate the hot weather so sitting around a pool in 30 degrees Heat is not for me. Been there. Done that. Not to say it’s bad, just not for me. I much prefer walking down a gothic street, looking at graffiti and discovering a super cool bar. Let’s see where 2018 leads us! ✈️

Well, there’s a few of my plans. Do you have any plans/ Resolutions this year? Let me know in the comments below.




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