5 Ways To Make Money From Home

One of my goals for 2018 is to start a project to try and make a small income from my blog, obviously I am not going to be giving up my full time job any time soon, as nice as that would be but it would be nice to have a little bit extra, as who doesn’t like a bit of extra cash to play with each month, it would also help with another of my goals, which is to save some money in 2018.

Selling Artwork

If you are the creative type, selling your custom artwork, jewellery, stationary is a great source of income, I unfortunately do not possess any kind of creative skill that would enable me to sell, but for those lucky enough to have that creative streak Etsy is the best place to sell your own work. Its a fantastic site and it was created for crafty and creative people to sell on their creations. Oh how I wish I could paint, draw….. something….

Selling jewellery/Gold/Silver

If you are lucky enough to have any expensive jewellery laying around (I do not unfortunately), and you need a splash of cash, then selling gold or silver is a surefire way to make a few pounds, as the price is pretty high right now for gold. It is valued on the weight, not the actual item, so that is something to think about.

Decluttering Clothes/Makeup

This a fantastic way to make some extra cash, and also to declutter and make some space, I have been selling SO much on Depop recently, so much so that I was awarded one of the best Worldwide sellers last week…. woop woop….

I find that Depop is great to shift makeup – a word of warning, that they do not allow you to sell “used” makeup, this is even swatched makeup, so you have to word your listings carefully to ensure your item isn’t removed, there is also a fee you pay Depop and also a PayPal fee, so bear that in mind when pricing your items. I find eBay is a better for selling clothes and unwanted nick knacks, as the audience is much wider, but again you have to pay seller fees.

Paid Surveys Online

Ok so I tried doing this when I was younger and a bit more strap for cash, I didn’t actually have any results from this, but I have read that some people do get some great payouts. Yougov is a big one. Just be aware that it does take some time to actually build any sort of payout from these methods, maybe just do it for a bit if fund when you have 10 minutes spare in the evening. I might try this.

Selling Skills

Well this can be anything from Graphic Design Work, which can include Blog headers, Media Kits, website design. which is popular amount the blogging community, actually thinking of selling designs of medias kits myself, as I really enjoy making them, and think it is something I am good at. Photography is massive in the blogging world, and if you are especially skilled in that area, you could always try and use this to your advantage and offer a Blog Photography service, where you take peoples blog photos for them. I can image this is quite hard to break into, but if you have the skills, it would be great!

So there is my little rundown, have you tried any of these ideas? Do you have any other suggestions?

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